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Hello. My name is Varun Gadi and I created this website in 5th grade. I have qualified to Mathcounts Nationals twice and I got third in the 2022 nationals. I also qualified to AIME 3 times and USAJMO last year. I created this website to make people passionate about math. I try to provide easy to understand content to make people more passionate, intrested, and fascinated with math. I will also add new content once in a while.

I was first intrested in computer science when I met codehs.com. I learned HTML and CSS and it was inspiring. It introduced me to Javascript, and it inspired me to start making this website. I learned about ASP and how easy I could make a website with it. In fact, I do not even have to change any code anymore because I used a database and Access using SQL database language to make it easy. In the future, I plan on making one for chess too.

"Life without math is impossible. Learn math!" ~ Varun Gadi.
There were also some challenges. First, the code only displayed on the screen instead of producing the result, so I had to find the correct setting for my computer. Even after that, there were many bugs in the code. I also had to design a logo for my website. But after all these challenges were overcome, the result was great!

I had to make many important choices while making the design, content, and website overall. First, I did not want a background because it could distract people from the focus of the website. Second, in the logo, I had to find a good statement to catch people's attention. I also put a navigation bar so people will be able to access the links from any page. I also decided to leave the right side of the page empty in case I wanted to add anything else.

I hope you will spread the word about this website. When I get time, I will add more concepts. It took time, and it was difficult, but the end result was great! I hope you like this website!

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