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People have to use math in their daily life to survive. Many math concepts, including area, are used by almost everyone in their jobs and daily life. I made this website for kids who are passionate to learn math. Math is important in accounting, finance, and science.

People who work in accounting have to measure information about businesses, including how much money they have. Then, they have to use technology to communicate their information to other people. When they measure information, they use math. The technology has to use math so that people can communicate information.

Math is heavily used in accounting and finance fields.
In finance, you have to count how much money you have earned and spent. You also have to use logical reasoning to determine why a person, company, or government needs money. You also have to monitor the total change of the economy, and see if it is going up or down. Here, you are clearly using math.

In science, you have to calculate the math behind chemical reactions and the properties of viruses to create new discoveries in chemistry and cures for common viruses. Without math, science would most likely not exist.
Math is heavily used by most scientists.
For these reasons, I think math is important in daily life. This is why I have made this website. If kids and other people are not passionate with math, it will be hard for them to perform well in a job that requires math skills.

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